The Ohimege Igu, Konto-Nkarfe, Alhaji Abdulrazaq Isa Koto, was overthrown by the Kogi State Government, led by Governor Yahaya Bello.

Additionally, the overthrown king was exiled to Niger State’s Rijau Local Government District.

In addition, Alhaji Salihu Akawu Seidu, also referred to as SAS, was chosen by state governor Yayaha Bello to succeed Ohimege after his ouster.

Bello declared, “He (Seidu) is to be turbaned immediately to avoid vacuum.”

Alhaji Ahmed Tijani Anaje, who has been the Ohi of Okenwen up till now, was named the new Ohinoyi of Ebiraland by the governor as well.

Shortly following the State Executive Committee meeting, Bello announced the events, saying, “Having followed through our Traditional and Chieftaincy Laws, Rules and Regulations and all the due processes, we have come to the following resolutions.

“His Royal Highness, Alhaji Abdulrazaq Isah Koto, the Ohimege-Igu Koton-Karfe, who is also the Chairman, Lokoja/ Kogi Local Government Area Traditional Council is hereby removed and to be deposed to, Rijau Local Government Area of Niger State.

“His Royal Highness, Sam Bola Ojo, the Olu Magongo of Magongo is removed and to be deposed to Salka, Magama Local Government Area of Niger State.

“His Royal Highness, Samuel Adayi Onimisi, the Obobanyi of Emani, is removed and to be deposed to Doko, Lavun Local Government Area of Niger State.

“That Similarly, on decision No. 3, the title “OBOBANYI OF IHIMA” which reads on the promotion letter, upgrading the stool to first class status, was done without cognisance to the fact that the title; “OBOBANYI OF IHIMA” is a subject of litigation and the court of law is yet to arrive at the possible final decision, as such, the Government have however received several petitions, calling attention to the need to revert and maintain status quo, until the court of law decides.

“To this end, the stool is hereby reverted to “OBOBANYI OF EMANI” as the present occupant remains deposed.

“His Royal Highness, Boniface Musa, the ONU-IFE in Omala Local Government is to be suspended, indefinitely.

“On the following stools, after due intervention by the Government to resolve the lingering controversies that have characterized the selection process, the Government hereby, come up with the following appointments of the next occupants.

“Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo Kabir is hereby appointed as the MAIGARI OF LOKOJA.
Alhaji Dauda Isah, is hereby appointed as the MAIYAKI OF KUPA.

“Similarly, going by the selection decision of the ODAKI RULING HOUSE, dated 27/4/2012 and endorsed by the Lokoja/Kogi Local Government Area Traditional Council, dated 14/5/2012, Mallam Saidu Akawo Salihu is hereby appointed as the OHIMEGE-IGU KOTON-KARFE and to be turbaned immediately to avoid vacuum.

“Finally, going by the high court judgment of 1998, which give full recognition to ODODO as bonafide child of ITA’AZI the father of Ebira land and UHUODO as a distinct district in Ebira land with equal rights as others, therefore, the stool of OHI OF UHUODO is hereby created and processes for the occupation of the stool to commence with immediate effect.”

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