Actress and reality TV personality Venita Akpofure has advised young people to put off getting married until they are “tired” of having fun.

She would urge her daughter to wait until she is at least 28 before getting married.

The mother of two, who is divorced, remarked that getting married early isn’t an intelligent move because decisions change as people become older.

Venita stated in a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, Lagos, which Tacha presented “Don’t marry young, Sweetheart, don’t go and start doing high school. Live it up while you’re young. Get married while you’re exhausted.

“Ideally, if my daughter approaches me that she is ready to get married, as long as she is not up to 28, we can rock with it. Anything below 28 is a no. Because you’re going to change your mind and at 20 something, you don’t know all you are. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that are matured but you need to try different things in life to be sure you want to be stuck here [marriage].”

She said the perfect marriage would have her and her spouse living in different houses connected by a “magnificent corridor.”

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