According to former president Muhammadu Buhari, all concerned individuals ought to band together to put a stop to Katsina State’s drug usage problem.

Buhari made these remarks during a discussion with the theme “Tackling the menace of drug abuse among youths in Katsina State,” which was hosted by the Katsina Consultative Forum, KCF, a group of concerned elders from Katsina.

He stated that drug usage among women and young people in the state is a serious problem that needs to be addressed head-on with a proactive strategy.

“Our youths represent our beloved assets, and protecting them is crucial for our nation’s future. We can’t afford to watch drug abuse dismantle their potential and the country’s future.

“I urge all of us to unite and act decisively against drug abuse in Katsina State. We must not turn away from this self-inflicted suffering of our youths.

“We need to confront this issue collectively with determination and resolve the challenges,” he said.

The former president made the point that young people had enormous potential and would be the state’s future administrators. He said, “You cannot realise these potentials if too many of you succumb to drug abuse addiction.”

“Believe in yourself, your ability and your future. I know the challenges you face are many, be up to it; we’ll work together to offer you the support and the opportunity needed.”

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