According to President Bola Tinubu, he will not back the establishment of a price control board or approve the importation of food.

After meeting with the 36 state governors, the director general of the Department of State Services (DSS), the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, and the national security adviser (NSA) in Abuja on Thursday, Tinubu made this statement.

The President also announced during the meeting that he had given the NSA, Inspector-General of Police, and Director-General of DSS strict instructions to work together to make sure that security agencies in the states inspect these warehouses and take appropriate action in response to reports from Kano State and other areas regarding widespread food hoarding in specific warehouses.

“We cannot allow speculators, hoarders, and rent seekers to undermine our efforts in ensuring that food is widely available to all Nigerians,” Tinubu vowed on X.

The President posted: “I will not establish a price control board, nor will I approve the importation of food. We must extricate ourselves from this predicament because importation only enables rent seekers to perpetrate fraud and mismanagement at our collective expense.

“Instead, we will support our farmers with schemes that encourage them to cultivate more food for the nation. We must also rapidly but thoughtfully implement our livestock development and management plans, including dairy farming and others.”

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