According to Catholic priest Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, Christians who set aside time to pray for the “monitoring spirits” to die are wasting their time, as God does not commit murder.

The pastor had asked on social media what people meant when they prayed against a “monitoring spirit.”

He claimed that based on the responses he got, people pray against the monitoring spirit when they are unsure of the sincerity of friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors who are watching for big plans or anything new in their lives that could end it and prevent them from ever succeeding. According to him, anyone who harbors such misgivings about these “monitoring spirits” should pray for them to “die! Die!! Die!!!” in God’s name.

The Catholic priest made the case that since God abstained from murder, such persons had to omit God from their prayers. The cleric asked how praying against watching spirits regarding travel plans could prevent a Nigerian from obtaining a visa to the United States if their plans were revealed. Still, it could not prevent an American from obtaining a visa to Nigeria, even if the American made his plans public months in advance of his trip.

His message says

‘’On the Issue of Monitoring Spirit

Dear friends, when I asked the question about what you meant when you pray against monitoring spirits, all I wanted was to be sure you know exactly what you are doing when you make such prayers.

There are those who when they pray against monitoring spirit, what they carry in mind is their neighbors, colleagues, friends, family members, or those from their village who are on the lookout for any new thing or big plans in their lives to truncate it and ensure they never become a success.

So, usually, their prayers are often like this: all you monitoring spirits, in the name of God, die! Die!! Die!!!

If this is what you mean by monitoring spirit, sorry to say this to you. . .you are wasting your time because they will not die. You are not also being Christ-like when you make such prayers. God is not going to kill them on your behalf. If you want to murder them, go ahead and murder them. . . Don’t involve God in your murder plans.

In situations like this where you feel people are monitoring you and may even ensure your plan doesn’t come to light, the advice from the Bible is in Matthew 10:16 which says, “Be wise as the serpent but be gentle as the dove.” In other words, the Bible is saying you should use your common sense and know who to let into your secrets. The Bible did not say you should pray for their death. In Matthew 5:44, it says “Pray for your enemies and those who persecute you.” This is also because when God wants to prepare a table for you, he will do it in the presence of all those enemies (Psalm 23:5). If they all die, how will they see your success?

If on the other hand what you mean by “monitoring spirit” is the Devil or a demon, or what you call “evil forces”. Then, bear in mind that if they are spirits in the real sense of spirit, there is nothing about you that they can’t find out if they really want to. So the question truly is: what are you really hiding?

So, Monitoring spirits can stop you from getting a visa to America because they found out that you are processing your documents, but they can’t stop an American from getting a visa to Nigeria even when the American posted it online for all to see months before his travels.


For those of you who always take pleasure in saying to me things like “what you don’t know, is bigger than you,” I want you to equally bear in mind that what you don’t know that I know is much bigger than you.

The Devil, or demon, if it is actually a demon or a devil is not concerned about whether you travel or not, whether you marry or not, whether you are rich or not. From a biblical perspective, he is more concerned about you losing faith.

So, if traveling will make you lose faith, and if according to you he has the power to stop your travels, he will rather aid you to travel so you lose faith. If getting rich will make you lose faith, he will rather make you super rich (this is on the assumption that he even has such powers.)

A lot of these monitoring spirits tales are simply adults refusing to take responsibility for their failures.

The devil is as powerful as the power you give him.

Have a blessed month!

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