Mother of two Susan from Muranga has told how her husband encouraged her to find a man who could fulfil her demands. Susan claims that her husband was a masturbator.

She says she met her husband during a youth service at a different church, and they eventually became lovers and got married.They received a child in late life.

She claims that when she and her child were married, her in-laws opposed their son’s marriage to a woman from a different tribe.She claims that when her husband began watching pornographic videos in front of her, she noticed a change in his behaviour.

She claims that it got to the point where her husband stopped being interested in her, and whenever she used to ask him why, he would act inappropriately in front of her, telling her to find another attractive man.

Susan claims that after her husband informed her that he intended to divorce her and wed another member of their tribe, their marriage came to an end. She called her in-laws to let them know that their son had their backing.

While she was at work, she claims that her husband packed his bags and left her a note. She claims that it has been about two years since then and she has never heard from him. She has been working physically to support and educate her children.

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