The federal government announced thirteen new licenses for independent electricity distribution and embedded, off-grid power generation.

In a recent sectoral study, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission revealed this.

It emphasized that 40.9 megawatts of power are anticipated to be generated cumulatively by the new licenses issued in the third quarter of 2023.

According to the statement, 40.9 megawatts of power were expected to be generated cumulatively by the licensees, and the new licenses were granted in the third quarter of 2023.

Daybreak Power Solutions Limited was awarded eight licenses for different off-grid power generation projects in Lagos, Abia, Borno, Kano, Oyo, and Abuja, according to NERC’s report.

A license to create a gas-fired 5MW embedded power facility in Ekiti State has been granted to Ekiti Independent Power facility.

An Independent Electricity Distribution Network license was granted to Olokiti Power Distribution Limited, enabling it to operate inside Ekiti State.

While Island Power Limited received a license to establish a 10 MW embedded gas-fired power facility in Lagos, Ember Power Limited was granted a permit to trade energy.

A license to operate an independent electricity distribution network in Lagos State was also granted to Energy Company of Nigeria Limited.

“One new license for Independent Electricity Distribution Network, one new license for trading, three off-grid generation licenses, one embedded generation, and one IEDN license.”

“For activities that do not require licenses based on the provisions of sections 65-68 of the Electricity Act 2023 but still require authorization from the commission, such as off-grid captive power generation and mini-grid development, the commission issues permits to the operators following a review of the relevant applications,” the NERC stated.

This occurred when Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, produced 3,500MW to 5,000MW of power for the more than 200 million people living there.

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