Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has urged his people to get ready for a potential war.

With new threats of a nuclear strike on Seoul, the North Korean leader concluded 2023.

Then, according to state media on Sunday, he orders the building of a military arsenal in anticipation of a war that could “break out any time” on the peninsula.

At the conclusion of five days of year-end party meetings, he delivered a long speech criticising the United States of America.

North Korea’s military, political, and economic policy decisions for the upcoming year were decided upon at the conference.

Plans for additional military development in 2024 were announced during the meeting, according to the Korean Central News Agency, KCNA. These plans include the launch of three more spy satellites, the construction of unmanned drones, the development of electronic warfare capabilities, and the reinforcement of nuclear and missile forces.

Kim commanded his armed forces to keep their “overwhelming war response capability” and charged that the US posed “various forms of military threat.”

A “fait accompli that a war may break out on the Korean peninsula at any time due to the enemies’ reckless moves for invading the DPR” was the meeting’s conclusion.

The military “should rapidly respond to any possible nuclear crisis and put continuous spurs to the preparations for a great event to suppress the whole territory of South Korea by mobilizing all physical means and forces including nuclear forces in contingency,” Kim stated.

Kim announced at the summit that he would give up on trying to mend and unite with South Korea, citing the “uncontrollable crisis” that Seoul and Washington, he claimed, were to blame.

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