Trendy After her two previous marriages ended in divorce, relationship expert Amara Nwosu from Nigeria wed again.

Before she married her second husband, Nigerian businessman Francis Van Lare, also known as Poi Master, who lives in the United States, the self-described relationship therapist had accused her first husband of domestic abuse.

Francis Van Lare said that she had regularly abused him, along with the children from her first marriage, which led to the collapse of her second marriage.

Additionally, he said that before marrying an American pastor, she attempted to obtain all of his holdings and exploited him to obtain US citizenship.

Nwosu declared that she had reconciled with her first marriage after her third marriage ended.

She posted a cute picture of her and her first husband on Facebook and wrote: “While the devil and his cohorts are mourning, heaven and all lovers of good things are rejoicing.

“Like I always say, stop trying to understand the ways of God in this very person; she herself does not understand it.

“All she knows is that she was declared a ruler with grace, right in her mother’s womb.
Got questions? Ask God!”

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