Former Ebonyi State government employees who have yet to receive their retirement benefits have appealed to Governor Francis Nwifuru for assistance because they are hungry due to the country’s economic woes.

The disgruntled retirees claimed that since September 2023, Governor Nwifuru had assurances that their accrued pensions and gratuities would be paid by December 2023, but they have yet to receive anything.

They claimed that they had endured hardships for the eight years that former governor David Umahi was in office until Nwifuru decided to begin taking action.

When it was their turn, they noticed that a few were already getting cold feet and complaining that the workout had ended.

Speaking with ZINGTIE on Saturday in Abakiliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, a few impacted retirees thanked Nwifuru for restoring their hopes. However, they pleaded with him to keep in mind his promise because they were still hoping to get paid like everyone else.

Only the retirees screened in November and December of 2022 were paid by the committee that the state government established to settle the gratuities and pensions owed to the retirees when the state was formed from 1996 to 2021. Professor Adeline Idike chaired this committee.

However, the Adeline Idike Committee appears to have ended, and nothing has been heard about it since. This has led to concerns that the retirees still owed money may have been ignored again.

Every attempt to discuss the issue with Mrs. Rita-Mary Okoro, the state head of services, could have been more fruitful.

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