General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Staff, was welcomed by Anambra State Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo on Friday at the Anambra Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia.

When he received Musa, Soludo thanked the Nigerian Army for her efforts in guaranteeing the state’s eight local government districts that had been held by criminals known as “unknown gunmen.”

The governor emphasised the military’s and other security services’ contributions to the state’s effort to combat crime.

He said: “When we declared war on them, they couldn’t withstand the force. The success in securing communities like Ukpor, formerly dominated by armed groups, underscored the hand of fellowship extended by this government to those seeking rehabilitation.

“I commend the military’s efforts in bridging the gap between the armed forces and the civilian population.

“Your visit is a social visit, revealing the softer side of the military to demonstrate that they are part of the people.”

Additionally, Governor Soludo asked for the use of military personnel and equipment to improve precision aiming in order to destroy the safe havens that criminals use to hide.

For the tremendous strides made in reestablishing peace and security in the state, he expressed his gratitude to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, DSS, NSCDC, and the local vigilante group.

The Chief of Defence Staff had earlier assured Soludo of his sustained commitment to safeguarding the state while acknowledging the better security situation in Anambra State.

He highlighted that working with the people and acknowledging them as the primary goal of military service is crucial.

Gen. Musa said: “This visit signifies a strengthening partnership between the Anambra State government and the Nigerian Armed Forces in ensuring peace and fostering sustainable development in the region.”

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