President Bola Tinubu has been urged to impose a state of emergency on security in the Takum and Ussa local government councils of the state by Senator David Jimkuta, who represents the Taraba South senatorial constituency.

If followed, he thinks the appeal would solve the senseless killings occurring in local government councils.

Jimkuta, who also serves as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Social Warfare and Poverty Alleviation, made the announcement on Tuesday in Wukari Council as he answered inquiries from the media.

In light of the unprecedented threat to the food security of the region, he stated that the declaration of a state of emergency in the affected districts will allow farmers to return to their farmlands and start rebuilding their lives.

The senator warned that if action was not taken, the killings will spread to other areas of the state. He also revealed that over 700 people have died in the two local councils in just three months.

He expressed sorrow over the threat and claimed that more than fifty villages in Takum and Ussa had fallen into disorder as a result of banditry in the area.

He urged cooperative efforts with the residents to find the bandits and kidnappers who have been terrorizing the areas, and he called on security services to act decisively.

He said “We know where they are; let’s flush them out. These areas are major food producers, and with people displaced and unable to access their villages, we are facing a looming food crisis.”

According to Zingtie, residents of the two councils have been living in constant fear as a result of the bandits’ unrelenting murders.

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