For killing a monkey, a middle-aged man was arrested by Awka indigenes on Wednesday.

Killing monkeys is considered sacrilegious in the Awka kingdom since they are regarded as sacred animals.

The Imo Awka god, whose shrine is in the town’s Amaenyi community, is worshipped by Awka indigenes during a festival.

Seeing monkeys running about in people’s compounds without trouble is unusual in the whole kingdom.

A viral video showed the man who was arrested on Wednesday for killing the monkey admitting that he had lived in Awka for 24 years and that he knew that the locals forbade killing or eating monkeys.

He clarified that he had not killed the monkey on purpose but had instead placed a trap in the jungle to capture more bush meat for a delicacy; however, the monkey ended up in the trap.

He said: “I know I have committed, please do not kill me, but you can take me anywhere you want.”

The indigenous people who were questioning him later understood him and assured him that although he would not be killed, the community would make efforts to satisfy the land’s god to avert consequences for his conduct.

The man’s identity and place of origin was not made clear.

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