Actress Christiana Awuni of Ghana has disclosed that she is no longer interested in getting married because of the control issues in her second marriage, which ultimately caused it to fail.

During an interview with Nayas, Awuni stated that a significant contributing element to the disintegration of her marriage was her husband’s possessive behavior.

Awuni clarified that her husband insisted on taking her to and from work every day in an attempt to manage her behavior.

She went on to say that he would keep an eye on her relationships with friends and coworkers, particularly when they were together on set.

“I can’t. I married for the second time, and that man wanted to drive me to my workplace, see what I was doing and who was talking to me, and then get me to enter the car and drive me home,”Awuni explained.

The Kumawood actress added that her husband insisted on them sleeping in the same location, demonstrating his control over their sleeping arrangements. “If I sleep here, that’s where he will sleep,” she said.

The actress stated that one of the key reasons she chose to be single after her second marriage failed was the strain that comes with being married.

According to Awuni,”The stress of marriage has made me believe that every man I see is a female friend. If we are friends and you tell me you like me, I will cut you off, and block you.”

She also revealed that she is happy with her decision to remain unmarried because she has experienced a lot and feels as though her mind is “locked.”

“I have been through so much. I don’t know if they will pray for me, but it’s not something I think about. I have a locked mind,” she disclosed.

Awuni claimed that even though she has never constructed or owned a house, she is content and doesn’t require assistance from others to cook the rice or his clothes washed.

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