The teams with the potential to win the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations have been selected by former Nigerian midfielder Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha.

Okocha was questioned about holders Senegal or Morocco, who advanced to the World Cup semifinals, in an interview with SportingLife.

The former Bolton Wanderers and PSG player responded: “Without a doubt, we have a lot of teams that we can say have what it takes to win.

‘As you said, Senegal—I was at their game yesterday, they gave a good performance.

“Morocco, of course, we know they were impressive at the World Cup and we expect them to do well.

‘But at the same time, when you look at teams like Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, you can’t neglect them, they showed how difficult the AFCON has become.

“You can no longer consider a team as underdogs. Of course, there is also the organising country, Cote d’Ivoire.”

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