According to reports, a woman went insane today upon learning that her husband of six years and the father of her two children died in 2002.

LeadersNg reports that this Friday afternoon at Old Port Harcourt town waterfront, there was chaos and nonstop drama as a woman known to her neighbors as Grace Amadi went insane following the shocking realization that her husband of six years and the father of her two children had died since 2002.

According to a source who spoke with LeadersNg, Mrs. Grace and her husband, Tony, were wed in 2010 and have been leading a contented life with their two children, who were born in 2011 and 2013, respectively.

It was meant to be a typical day for them after Mr. Tony had departed for work this morning. However, in the wee hours of the morning, she had a visitor claiming to be a distant relative of Tony.

The guest left soon before Mrs. Grace started to scream in shock and anger, repeatedly throwing herself on the ground to inflict damage. As a result, it was impossible to get the exact words that the visitor had with Grace.

According to a witness at the incident, when neighbors gathered around, they discovered old photos of Tony on the ground—apparently left there by Mrs. Grace’s guest.

The photos that were left behind also shocked the source. These included photos from Tony and another woman’s May 2000 wedding ceremony, photos from Tony’s alleged car accident, photos of Tony’s remains lying in an open casket that appeared to be from his July 2002 funeral, and a photo of a grave headstone with his full name and dates of birth and death. How someone who passed away in 2002 is still alive, well, and even married with kids is a mystery.

All attempts to phone Mr. Tony were unsuccessful because his number could not be reached. Neighbors dispatched a team to his office in an attempt to rescue Mr. Tony, but the delegation came back empty-handed and disclosed that Mr. Tony had driven out from his house that morning for work.

Since then, Mrs. Grace has been brought against the advice of a mental health facility to a nearby prayer house for spiritual therapy, while her neighbors, who are observing her children with confusion, are taking care of them. Perhaps when they get old enough, they’ll learn that their father passed away before they were even born.

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