The Benue State Police have charged nine alleged criminals in a Makurdi higher area court for obstructing the Makurdi-Lafia road last year and stealing drivers and passengers of their personal property.

James Orduen, Ternenge Mnyam, Tyokyaa Terzungwe, Peter Donald, Gboko Terseer, Isaac Awaaga, Robert Teghtegh, Moses Aondoaseer, and Ronald David, all of varying addresses in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, were among the accused individuals who, on that fateful day, equally attacked and fired gunshots at the convoy of Benue State Governor, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia. The prosecution presented this information to the court.

He claimed that before luck ran out on them, the accused had blocked the Makurdi-Lafia road at Ban village in the Guma Local Government Area with logs of wood and were robbing drivers of their money and other valuables.

The prosecution also told the court that they had recovered a Bajaj motorcycle that they had stolen from Yusuf Musa during the operation.

It continued by saying that additional goods found on the perpetrators’ person included:

  • A single-barrel gun.
  • Two military-style camouflage suits.
  • Three police identity cards.
  • Charms.
  • Twelve ATM cards from different banks.

In the course of a police inquiry, the defendant admitted to the offence.

During their presentation, the accused individuals’ attorneys, ST Akohough and DN Kwaghtser, stated that they would formally request their clients’ bail.

In her decision, Upper Area Court Judge SD Kwen ruled that the accused be placed under detention at the Federal Correctional Centre in Makurdi. The case was postponed till March 18th in order to allow for additional discussion.

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