Rivers State Governor Sim Fubara celebrated the Supreme Court’s confirmation of his election on Thursday by declaring that “one elephant is out of the road.”

In addition, Fubara stated that the legal disputes that had been a distraction for his administration over the previous eight months have been resolved due to his victory at the highest court.

In a statement by his media aide, Boniface Onyedi, Fubara said: “About an hour ago, the Supreme Court revalidated our mandate in the election. It is a victory for the entire state.

“It is important for us to note that we need this victory to consolidate the purpose of governance. Prior, we have had a few distractions here and there.

“And the good news that came to us this morning is a refreshing strength that will encourage us to continue the good works in governance.”

Fubara thanked President Bola Tinubu for acting as a father figure in matters about Rivers State and to God for His assistance.

Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to Nyesom Wike, the Federal Capital Territory’s Minister and someone he called his “Oga,” for all of his assistance.

The governor urged everyone to work together with his government to create a competitive state seen as genuinely successful in every way.

“We have a dream of making it a highly competitive state that will measure, if not up to Lagos but close to becoming like Lagos. We can only achieve this in an atmosphere of peace.

“So I am calling on everyone, not just on our internal issue but those members from other parties, the issue is settled, come and let’s build the Rivers State of our dream.

“We will continue to protect and provide the basic needs of governance to everyone who is doing business and who lives in Rivers State.

“We would address our state very soon on the victory, but for now, let everybody be happy that one elephant is out of the road, the other one, by God’s help, will be resolved amicably and the family will be one.”

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