Professor Usman Yusuf, a former CEO of the National Health Insurance Scheme, has said that sermons at mosques throughout the North constantly emphasise the widespread hunger and suffering in the region.

He emphasised the importance of traditional leaders in the North and the need for politicians to listen to them when they speak out. He cautioned leaders, saying they risk destruction if they don’t recognise and deal with their people’s pain.

In an interview with Arise TV, he said,” In the North, our traditional rulers are the last bus stop; when they start talking, leaders need to sit up and listen. The Sermon in all the mosques in the North is that people are suffering and there is hunger in the land. People are dying in the midst of plenty.”

“Any leader who does not listen to the suffering of his people does so at his own peril. We are not afraid of what is going to happen to politicians; we are afraid of what is going to happen to our country, Nigeria.”

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