On Tuesday, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), brushed down rumors that the military had staged a coup d’état to end Nigeria’s democratic process.

Lagbaja emphasized that the Nigerian Army would continue to protect the constitution and would not, for whatever reason, suspend it, saying that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria.

Reports have surfaced regarding military plans to remove Tinubu after the nation’s economic difficulties.

Nonetheless, the COAS stated that elected politicians are responsible for governing. At the same time, the military fulfills its constitutionally mandated duties during his speech to start the Army Headquarters Department of Military Secretary conference in Abuja.

According to Lagbaja: “Permit me to seize this opportunity to reiterate that the Armed Forces of Nigeria, particularly the Nigerian Army, has come to terms with the country’s choice of democracy as the preferred system of governance.

“We are, therefore, agents of democracy and have no desire to truncate it. The Nigerian Army will continue to defend our constitution and not suspend it for whatever reason.

“It is the duty of our elected leaders to lead while the military does its job as enshrined in our constitution. Nigerian Army personnel must, therefore, remain professional and be above board as they discharge their constitutional duties.”

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