The People’s Redemption Party, or PRP, has warned that chaos could break out if the mounting crisis in the cost of living that most Nigerians are facing is not addressed immediately.

Muhammad Ishaq, the party’s acting national publicity secretary, issued the warning in a statement on Monday.

It issued the warning in response to the rising number of food supply trucks and warehouses being looted nationwide.

According to ZINGTIE, some unsettling incidents happened between Sunday and Monday. People from the nation’s capital’s Idu-Karmo and Dei-Dei districts stole food products from trucks and warehouses.

Similar incidences were recorded in Dogarawa, a suburb of Zaria in Kaduna State when locals were accused of robbing cartons of spaghetti from a BUA Company parked truck.

To address the underlying causes of these crimes and work towards a more equal society, the party said that the looting instances were a symptom of a broader issue that calls for cooperation from all stakeholders, especially industrialists and the business community.

“The recent reports of looting of trucks carrying food items on our highways and cities are warning signals of the looming anarchy and turmoil which Nigeria faces in the foreseeable future if drastic measures are not taken to address the serious cost of living crisis facing the majority of Nigerian citizens.

“Yes, there is hunger and hardship in the land. Yes, there is poverty in the land, and the ruling elite has weaponized poverty, which has made citizens trade their votes for a pack or two of spaghetti, as we saw in last year’s elections,” the party said.

While acknowledging the hardships that many people endure, the PRP cautioned the populace against allowing the ruling class to use poverty as a weapon to force them to commit crimes such as stealing other people’s property.

The PRP also urged all branches of government to put policies into place that would help the people.

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