Southeast Nigerians will not protest against Nigeria’s high cost of living with their counterparts in other regions, according to Senator David Umahi, Minister of Works.

In an address to journalists at his home in Uburu in the Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State over the weekend, Umahi made the claim.

The former governor of Ebonyi State said that President Bola Tinubu had resolved the region’s central issue: the ceaseless conflict between farmers and herders.

The Minister asserted that the Southeast’s current problems are self-inflicted and emphasized that the leading causes of the region’s issues are now the actions of “unknown but known gunmen.”

“If you check very well, especially in the Southeast, you will know that we no longer have incessant farmers/herders clashes.

“So, why should we join the protest when the President has solved our major problem?

“The problem we now have in the Southeast is self-inflicted. That is the issue of unknown but known gunmen.

“So, if we are protesting, who are we protesting against? We are protesting against a President that has solved herders/farmers clashes.

“If you remove the issue of unknown gunmen, the Southeast will be completely safe and farmers can work. So, we can’t go and join anybody to protest.”

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