Veteran Nollywood actor Emeka Ike’s brother, Victor Ike, has denied the charges leveled by Michael Ike, the actor’s son and estranged wife.

According to the Zingtie, Suzanne Emma revealed disturbing facts about her violent marriage to the actor, including claims of physical abuse, while accompanied by her son Michael Ike.

Michael Ike revealed his intense hatred against the actor by recounting the horrible things that his father had supposedly said to him throughout their tense relationship.

The actor’s brother, Victor Ike, responded to the event on Sunday by calling on Michael to apologize to his father for the derogatory remarks and insults, calling the accusations “lies.”

In addition, he claimed that the brother’s divorced wife had repeatedly struck him and made unlawful financial withdrawals from his account.

He wrote, “I heard the lies made against my brother, Emeka Ike, by his Ex-wife on @Chude show and @lindaikeji blog. So, She slapped him on a number of occasions but now claims he is a wife-beater?

“She was a signatory to Emeka’s bank account, and when he was alerted that huge amounts were being constantly withdrawn, he asked to be informed before any withdrawals, then she turns it into an issue of being financially deprived.

“He sponsored her to University and then Masters. He opened a CIS movie studio and a secondary school, she was put in charge of the two and subsequently ruined the businesses, she now claims he never allowed her work?

“She lies against my mother, whom she beat up a couple of times. We had issues with my brother regarding this, but he was blinded by love.

“A woman he loved more than himself now wants to blackmail and label him a wife beater and manipulate his kids against him?

“Why only use parts of his Voice Note and not the complete VN, If not for the intent to blackmail him with false allegations?

“ Michael, go and apologize to your father for the abusive words and insults. Don’t be used to blackmailing your dad.

“@lindaikeji, @Chude and other bloggers, please stay off these kids, this is not right for their mental health. Respect their children’s privacy.”

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