Awgu Local Government Area women in Enugu State have set an N1 million bounty on the head of Mrs. Adachukwu Okafor, an Anambra woman who is accused of abusing her 11-year-old house help.

Under the auspices of the Umuada Awgu Global Association, or UAGA, the group also gave Okafor a 48-hour ultimatum to turn herself into the police.

At the group’s news conference on the subject on Thursday in Enugu, UAGA’s founder and president, Chinemerem Anyi, disclosed the money prize for any information on the locations of the evading woman.

She claimed that N1 million from the group would be given to anyone who provides the police, the Anambra State Government, or other pertinent authorities with helpful information that could result in the woman’s arrest.

She claimed that Okafor, an Anambra native who resided in Onitsha, was accusing the victim of touching her daughter’s privates during a bath.

“It beats our imagination that almost three weeks after the woman perpetrated the evil act, the police were still saying that she is still at large,” Anyi stated at the briefing, while accompanied by other group members.

“Going by the manner the matter was being handled by the Anambra Police Command,” she said, the organization was starting to smell a rat.

According to her, the organization also gave the police a 48-hour deadline to find the offender or face its wrath.

“The Awgu women have been resisting the temptation of taking the law into our hands over the matter as civilised people but we warn that such calm disposition should not be taken for granted or weakness.

“We are heartbroken over the barbaric act and today, we gathered for this important press briefing over the recent brutalisation of our daughter, Miss Happiness Nwafor, by her wicked madam,” she said.

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