British citizen Ndidi Uwechue hails from the Lower Niger Bloc and is of Igbo descent.

She writes from Abuja, is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and was a Metropolitan Police Officer in London before retiring.

She has revealed the forces behind the agenda for Fulani domination.

Question: What is this Fulani Conquest Agenda?

There is no doubt that there is a Fulani Conquest Agenda against Nigerians. The immigrant settler Fulani does not hide it. For decades, Nigerians talked about the arrogant “born to rule” belief of the Fulani, and their Ahmadu Bello was reported as having declared it. For Readers who may not yet know, here is his infamous (and cruel) Declaration:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an Estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”.– Ahmadu Bello, Premier of the Northern Region, reported in The Parrotnewspaper, October 12 1960.

Some ten months before that, the same Ahmadu Bello, as reported in the Sunday Express on December 20, 1959, had said,

“I too, after conquering the South, will also divide Nigeria into two, to be taken charge of by two of my Lieutenants.”

Let us also never forget the “rumours” that had been around in the 1960s that Ahmadu Bello was preparing a Jihad and the first military coup was to stop him. We read in part one, chapter eleven of eye-witness Captain Ben Gbulie in his book Nigeria’s Five Majors, a factual, first-hand, inside account of the coup d’etat of January 15, 1966:

“For instance, it was being whispered that the much-feared Jihad had been scheduled to take place in January the following year. And there was no gainsaying the ‘D-Day’. It was January 17, 1966.”…

“Continuing, he said something about some arms and ammunition having been smuggled into the country, through the Northern border, solely for the purpose of prosecuting the said Jihad.”

“Also learnt through the grapevine that some Arab soldiers in mufti were already infiltrating into the country at the invitation of the Northern Regional Premier, Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello. The Jihad, many an officer feared, was soon to become a military fact; and their fears could not be dismissed out of hand as completely groundless, especially when viewed in the light of the secret nocturnal meetings purportedly held at the Premier’s Ngwanshanu residence: clandestine, nocturnal meetings”

In more recent times and today, the testimonies of survivors of the relentless slaughter of Nigerians in the Middle Belt are revealing. They say that their attackers are armed Fulani who slaughter, destroy and burn their homes. Then, the Fulani take over the land, and survivors flee elsewhere or are sent to IDP camps.

In addition, some members of the international community, including their political class, know that the “farmer-herdsmen clash” narrative is untrue and that the Fulani are creating an empire for themselves by taking over the lands belonging to Nigerians. Here is one example: “So the Message now is: ‘Oh! It’s the herdsmen, you know they’re just poor herdsmen trying to get green space for their cows’. The reality is that they’re Fulani tribesmen they’re trying to re-establish the Fulani Caliphate. So, we know that the Turks are involved” – Robert Destro, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, 28/10/2021 Briefing to US Congress.

Question: Who then is Driving this Fulani Conquest Agenda?

The Research done by NINAS (the Voice of the Indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt) identified that the Caliphate-imposed FORGERY called the 1999 Constitution is the Instrument that empowered the Fulani Conquest. Firstly, the lies in the Preamble hijack the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations, thereby disabling them. Then, the 68-item Exclusive List (Second Schedule, Part 1) renders Nigerians defenceless against armed invaders by placing arms and ammunition in the hands of the Federal Government with the State Government incapacitated. Retired Lieutenant-General T Y Danjuma, in March 2018, warned that Nigeria’s Armed Forces “collude” with the invaders. Since then, others, including survivors, have agreed with that assessment.

The Fulani are the Owners of their Conquest Agenda against Nigerians that Ahmadu Bello had openly made known. But Ahmadu Bello also said that WILLING TOOLS would be the ones to make it happen for the Fulani. So WHO then are these Drivers, these “Willing Tools”?

The Driving Force, i.e. the Drivers of Fulani’s Agenda, are the indigenous political class because they are the ENFORCERS of the 1999 Constitution.

The Fulani Conquest of Nigerians could not have happened, cannot have continued, and could not have succeeded if not for these Drivers of it. So, although the Fulani are Responsible, the Drivers are ACCOUNTABLE for it.

The Message is quite simple.

It is that there is a very real Fulani Conquest Agenda against Nigerians.

That the illegitimate 1999 Constitution enables the Fulani Conquest Agenda.

Working against their people and their own Ethnic Nation, the Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda are the indigenous political class.

These Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda, aka Willing Tools, can be identified objectively. They are proprietors and promoters of EVERY political party in Nigeria, for they all subscribe to the 1999 Constitution. They are also those who contest elections whether or not they win; then, the winner will swear an Oath of Office to uphold and defend the 1999 Constitution (thereby giving life to that Forgery). Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda are thus indigenous people who either seek to become, or even do become, your Presidents and Vice, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Representatives, State Governors and Deputies, Members of the State House of Assembly, Commissioners, Local Government Area Chairpersons, Special Advisers, Judges, and Top civil servants. That is the list of Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda.

The strategy of the Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda is based on denying indigenous Ethnic Nations their SOVEREIGNTY (so that the Fulani can remain the overlords). Here are three examples:

A key thing is that the Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda, like enslavers, first create and then profit from the Miseries of others and remain unmoved if they die. Being the political class (thus seeking votes), they appear to be caring. They pretend to stand for anti-corruption (meanwhile, the 1999 Constitution they subscribe to is the parent of corruption).

They talk about making Nigeria “productive” (meanwhile, they subscribe to the 68-item Exclusive List of the 1999 Constitution LOCKS DOWN Nigerians). They promise to improve security (meanwhile, the 68-item Exclusive List of the 1999 Constitution they subscribe to renders Nigerians defenceless).

The Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda constantly use Disinformation, i.e. false information INTENDED TO MISLEAD. This is done directly; they also employ Influencers, Religious Leaders, and Mainstream Media. An example of major Disinformation is the False Narrative that Nigeria’s key problem is “Leadership”. However (using reasoning), the CORE problem is Nigeria’s dysfunctional constitutional arrangement, which produces bad leadership, corruption, etc. This Disinformation keeps Nigerians distracted and prevents them from focusing on the fact that the 1999 Constitution is the Entry Visa for the (armed) Fulani into the lands of indigenous peoples and is their Power Source.

Another key Disinformation is the False Narrative that the National Assembly can make a Constitution for Nigerians when the Powers and Rights of constitution-making belong only to the indigenous peoples since Sovereignty is only with them. Similarly, it is invalid and deceitful to “amend” a Forgery, which the 1999 Constitution is. There are proposals to bring in either the 1960 Constitution or the 1963 Constitution, which represent INCOMPLETE DECOLONIZATION, so they are obsolete and completely unacceptable. Yet, some celebrity lawyers continue to assist with this Disinformation.

The Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda used Fear and Intimidation. The masses are deliberately burdened with multidimensional poverty, giving them very few life options. Those who manage to get jobs in the security services are kept underpaid, making them highly dependent on keeping the “big boss” happy, and so become willing to do whatever One-Nigeria commands them to do, including unjustifiable use of (deadly) force on Nigerians.

Question: How can Nigerians rescue themselves from the Fulani Conquest Agenda?

The Fulani Conquest Agenda is stopped by stopping the 1999 Constitution and the Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda.

Question: What, therefore, should Nigerians do NOW?

Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter And like a bird from the hand of the fowler. (Proverbs 6: 5)

Even though Nigerians allowed themselves to be dragged along to the 2023 Elections that produced UNTENABLE results,

 Nigerians have always had VETO POWER over the 1999 Constitution. Therefore, ANY day and time that Nigerians say they no longer want the fraudulent 1999 Constitution to be in operation is when that happens. There will be NO POWER VACUUM because there will be a time-bound Transitioning period for Constitutional Renegotiation, and the outcome can be a Federation, a Confederation, or independent Successor Countries.

The NINAS Transitioning Template has been on the Table since the Declaration of Constitutional Force Majeure on December 16 2020. Meaning those killed, maimed, raped, kidnapped, and traumatized by the Fulani Conquest Agenda since that time could have been spared… Therefore, Nigerians MUST ENSURE that the Drivers of the Fulani Conquest Agenda be made accountable for their treachery.

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