Sunday Adeyemo, also referred to as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba nation activist who has launched a fierce rant accusing former President Muhammadu Buhari of being responsible for the deaths of his mother, sibling, and friend. During a visit to the monarch’s palace in Igboho town, Oyo State, Igboho made these claims and claimed that Buhari had also attempted his life.

Igboho claims that Buhari used soldiers and agents of the Department of State Services (DSS) to carry out the horrific crime of killing in his own house. Igboho, a passionate Yoruba speaker, called for South-West Nigerians to band together and free their territory from the control of armed Fulani herders.

“Buhari caused problems in my life; he killed my sibling, he killed my friend, and he also killed my mother,” Igboho declared, adding a chilling warning, “He’ll die mysteriously with his children. Buhari is Fulani; it’s we Yoruba people who should be careful.”

Igboho continued to air his frustrations, accusing Buhari of sending soldiers and DSS agents to arrest him at home because he supported the idea of Yoruba independence from what was thought to be Fulani supremacy.

“Fulanis can’t stop our fathers and mothers from going to their farms. But I’m back with the power of God and authority, not that of man,” Igboho asserted defiantly.

The claims made by Igboho coincide with his tumultuous past with the security services. He just managed to avoid a deadly DSS raid on his Ibadan home on July 1, 2021. On July 19, he and his wife Ropo were arrested in the Benin Republic while travelling to Germany. Despite being freed in October 2023, Igboho is unfazed in pursuing justice and Yoruba liberation.

His return to Nigeria shortly before his mother’s funeral in Oyo State’s Saki district ushers in a new era in his unwavering quest for justice and independence for his people.

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