Amidst the nation’s economic struggles, an Igbo guy was observed sharing large amounts of cash to Yoruba and Hausa people waiting in line.

ZINGTIE could not ascertain the location of the act of kindness, but the recipients were grateful for his goodwill.

The video was posted to TikTok by user @dsat28chuks29, who captioned it, “Igbo man sharing thousands of naira to Yoruba and Hausa.

People applauded the anonymous man in the video for his generosity. Odogwu chants rent the air.
He had some people surrounding him to make sure the line was orderly.

Watch the video below

See reactions below

zeus said: ”Make we show them say we better pass them.”

Erudite Anderson said: “Baba no dey even look face.”

Emmanuel said: “There’s love in sharing ..Igbo doesn’t hate anybody they should give us chance to rule Nigeria and fix it.”

Henry chukwuebuka said: “The rejected stone now is now the pillar stone, Una mind no go touch ground.”

bueaty❤️ maintain said: “No Dey push them because they are human beings like you please share with love and care please we are one please and thanks for your understanding.”

TONY CRUZ said: “I love this make we do them yeye Small o God of umu Igbo thank you for making us proud.”

Bluperry said: “Am Yoruba. Thank u Igbos my father was there that how we were able to eat we have been hungry since.”

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