Ohanaeze Ndigbo President General Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu recently spoke about the challenges his people face in Nigeria. He also advised the Igbo community, locally and abroad, to refrain from participating in protests against the country’s issues and the rising cost of living.

In a piece for The Sun, Iwuanyanwu highlighted Nigeria’s diverse ethnic makeup and the sacrifices made by various groups to maintain national unity. However, he expressed concern that the federal character concept—developed to ensure equitable representation—has not always benefited his Igbo community. He provided instances of how Igbo people were purportedly deprived of prominent government positions.

Iwuanyanwu claimed that former President Muhammadu Buhari publicly contended that because the Igbo people did not vote for him, they did not receive their fair number of positions. Chief Iwuanyanwu emphasized the global trend of youth sensitivity to issues affecting their future, highlighting the restlessness and unhappiness among Igbo youths and their counterparts from other tribes.

Iwuanyanwu said, “Former President Muhammadu Buhari openly confessed that he didn’t give us our due because Igbos didn’t vote for him. Youths all over the world are very restive and sensitive to any issue affecting their future. In Nigeria, Igbo youths and youths from other tribes at various times expressed their dissatisfaction with events in the Country.”

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