Jennifer Lopez, an American singer and actress, took up the Nigerian name “Ifunanya.”

In a recent interview, Nigerian media star Drea Okeke proposed a name for her, and she agreed.

Ifunanya, which translates to “love” in Igbo, is a name that Okeke explained fits the American diva since she “is a certified lover girl.”

“What is my [Nigerian] name?” inquired Lopez.

“This name means love because you’re a certified lover girl,” the host retorted. It is Ifunanya. Love, that’s your name.

In Lopez’s opinion, “Ifunanya! Call me Ifunanya.”

Ben Affleck, the husband of Lopez, would have the Nigerian name “Obim,” according to Okeke. That means my heart.”

In code, Lopez said, “Obim? I like that. I will call all my kids that.”

According to ZINGTIE, 17 years after their initial breakup, Lopez and Affleck renewed their love and tied the knot in 2023.

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