Well-known Nigerian musician Eedris Abdulkareem claims that senior colleague Charly Boy betrayed him for financial gain.

In a now-viral video from his most recent Honest Bunch podcast appearance, Eadris called Charly Boy “a man who lacks integrity.”

Recalling his long-standing disagreement with 50 Cent, he declared, “Charly boy is not a person of integrity, especially when it comes to money. He sold me out.”

According to ZINGTIE, 50 Cent traveled to Nigeria in 2004 with his entourage for a “Star Mega Jams” concert.

But following a falling out over a deal that ultimately resulted in the US rapper 50 Cent and Eedris being kicked out of Nigeria, the event was tainted with bitter conflicts.

A few days prior, Charly Boy stated in an interview with the Honest Bunch podcast that he organized 3,000 motorbike riders to drive to the airport and confront 50 Cent for allegedly frightening Eedris after the singer supposedly called him in distress.

Watch the video below:

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