Oluwaseyitan Aletile, better known by his stage as Seyi Law, is a Nigerian actor and comedian who has declared that, in the event of a new election tomorrow, he would still support President Bola Tinubu despite the nation’s current financial difficulties.

He said he would rather stay with “a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan than eat meat and drink wine in slavery in Egypt at the expense of my children’s future,” drawing a comparison between the Israelites’ experience in the historical desert and the contemporary economic hardships in Nigeria.

“While a lot of Nigerians kill the optimism of others with hate and the urge for immediate gratification, it is sad that our government agencies are not communicating government agendas, efforts, and actions effectively,” stated Seyilaw in a lengthy post uploaded lately on his X handle.

Instead of relying on the federal government for “everything,” he urged Nigerians to make demands of their state governments.

The comedian said, “It is easy for any government at the center to please the multitude by reverting back to full subsidy on fuel and exchange rates, but I would rather we reset, rebuild, and sustain our future than live on a better now by borrowing our future.”

Seyi Law responded to those attacking him for continuing to back Tinubu’s administration in the face of an extreme economic crisis by saying, “If another election was held tomorrow, I would still vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”

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