According to Nollywood actress Laide Bakare, if she discovers her spouse is unfaithful to her, she will cheat on him.

Instead of encouraging women to leave their partners due to infidelity, she suggested that they should be the ones to cheat.

She asserted that “all men cheat,” emphasizing the unwiseness of splitting up with a cheating partner.

In a recent interview with Oyinmomo TV, Bakare said: “All men cheat. I am 100 percent sure. Is there a man who doesn’t cheat?

“I will say women shouldn’t leave their partners for cheating, but they can cheat too. You don’t have to pack out, but you can also cheat. But you have to do it with all levels of maturity.

“If my husband cheats on me, I will cheat on him too.”

According to the ZINGTIE, Laide Bakare revealed her third marriage last year following the dissolution of her first two.

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