Kanayo O Kanayo, a veteran actor from Nollywood, has discussed the Nigerian Civil War on social media. He said that he ate lizards during that time and that no ethnic group in Nigeria could stand what the Southeasterners went through in that kind of conflict.

The businessman responded to Professor Usman Yusuf’s remark that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should investigate the Igbo people’s silence on economic distress by sharing the revelation on his official Instagram account.

The Igbos are mute on this topic, according to Kanayo O. Kanayo, since they have learned a lot from Nigeria. He also says that they are always the target when they become involved in such matters.

Speaking further, Kanayo O. Kanayo disclosed that;

“No tribe can withstand what Igbos went through during the war. I used to tell my Igbo brothers what the Igbos went through during the war. I need to tell you my own story, I ate lizards during the war because there were no chickens anywhere. If we see one lizard, we chase the lizard 3 or 4 kilometers and catch it and it was good meat.”

Finally, the legendary actor advised the people of the Southeast not to participate in other protests, saying that hunger knows no boundaries in terms of tribe or religion.

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