Oluremi Tinubu has been asked by the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG), an organization of Muslim professionals in a variety of sectors, not to be distracted by the inflammatory, reckless, and deplorable statement made by a certain Islamic cleric.

Remember the video that leaked? It showed an Islamic scholar demanding that the First Lady be killed because she is a pastor, claiming that Allah had commanded it.

“Now, Tinubu, his wife, is an infidel. As an infidel, she is a leader among the infidels.

“God’s judgement says she must be killed. She’s a pastor… a leader of infidels (Christians); Allah says they must be killed…,” he said.

In a statement in response to the video, MMWG demanded that the Islamic cleric be taken into custody right now and prosecuted.

The group labelled the preacher as “one of the bad elements in Nigerian society and not a true scholar of Islam” and urged the security agencies to take immediate action.

According to MMWG, “at this trying period of the nation, some irresponsible, incorrigible, and unpatriotic elements must not be allowed to use religion to cause chaos in Nigeria.”

After considering Islam’s teachings about Jews and Christians, the group unequivocally declared that Muslims are commanded to coexist peacefully with them since they are known as Ahlul-Kitab, or “The People of the Book,” in the Holy Qur’an, which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

It went on to say that individuals who identify as “The People of the Book” are those who adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ (also known as Injil, the Bible) and the Prophet Moses (also known as Al-Taorah).

“There is nowhere in the Holy Qur’an or Hadith where harming or killing of Jews, Christians, and even unbelievers is permitted. God said we should continue to live together in peace and harmony.

“In the lifetime of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in Madina, the Holy Prophet allowed the Christians to worship in their way in his Mosque during the course of a community meeting which brought Muslims and Christians together,” MMWG maintained.

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