According to a source, Saudi Arabia intends to operate its first alcohol store in its capital, Riyadh.

This was revealed to Reuters on Wednesday by sources aware of the development.

As a result, the document stated that potential buyers must register using a mobile app, obtain a clearance code from the foreign ministry, and adhere to monthly purchase limitations.

Only non-Muslim diplomats will be allowed to consume alcohol in the interim.

According to the paperwork, the new store would be “strictly restricted” to non-Muslims and is situated in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter, an area home to embassies and diplomats.

It was unclear if the store would be open to other expats who are not Muslims.

Saudi Arabia is home to millions of foreigners, most of them being Muslim workers from Egypt, Asia, and other regions.

Since alcohol consumption is prohibited in Islam, the move marks a significant step in the kingdom’s efforts, spearheaded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to open the ultra-conservative Muslim nation for travel and business.

It is also a component of a larger scheme called Vision 2030, which aims to construct a post-oil economy and post-modernization strategy for Saudi Arabia.

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