Popular South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, best known by his stage as AKA, was murdered, and six people have been taken into custody.

According to ZINGTIE, in February 2023, AKA and his friend were shot and killed outside a restaurant in the seaside city of Durban.

While walking to their car, AKA and his best friend Tebello “Tibz” Motshoane were shot and killed at close range by two armed individuals.

Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, the provincial police commissioner for KwaZulu-Natal, provided an update during a press briefing on Tuesday night, stating that the suspects would appear in court on Thursday.

Lieutenant-general Mkhwanazi described how the culprits were apprehended and their roles in the rapper’s demise in a widely shared video on the internet.

“It was clear that AKA was monitored from the airport, and Tibz was not the intended target in the murder on Florida Road in Durban.

“We know they were paid for this”, he said.

Watch the video below

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