Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder of the Champions Royal Assembly, has expressed regret for the unsettling accusations made against the late televangelist TB Joshua.

According to the ZINGTIE, the BBC revealed the late Synagogue Church of All Nations founder’s purported secret lives, alleging him of multiple crimes, including rape.

No less than twenty-five eyewitnesses accused T.B. Joshua of sexual assault, physical abuse, staged miracles, and trauma, according to a BBC documentary that was released on Monday.

Iginla responded by lamenting how social media is being used to spread false information in a post on his official Facebook page on Monday. He said, “Social media is now the Holy spirit of many.”

Speaking about the late man of God’s legacy, the prophet from Abuja said that his “impacts will remain fresh in our memories unto generations unborn.”

Part of the post reads, “Nothing can erase your legacy, neither can anything puncture the greatness of your impact upon innumerable lives.

“Those who have taken the position of God as agents of judgement, who feel they are without sin should keep casting stones, but the stones will still become the building cornerstones to further announce your legacy and undeniable great impact.

“In such a generation where social media is now the Holy spirit of many, lies has become truth and truth has become lies—may God help us and lead us!

“As much as we don’t support or identify with sin, but what’s the essence of allegations on the dead? when they’re not there to defend themselves? Let the dead rest in peace.

“You remain a great kingdom general of faith who reflects love and humility. Your impact is immense and outstanding. We cannot love you less, no matter what people say or think”.

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