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In a BBC News Africa documentary, an ex-aide spoke about some of his experiences living with the late Pastor TB Joshua, the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). He asserted that Pastor TB Joshua misled them into thinking that Evelyn Joshua, his wife, had been dispatched to seduce him.

When a woman entered TB Joshua’s room at night, he would put his helpers in the room next door, close the door and turn up the TV to a loud volume. He also acknowledged that they had previously slept on the floor in the pastor’s lavatory.

The former aide said that you would not know who he is unless you lived with Pastor TB Joshua. He continued by saying that Evelyn Joshua, his wife, seldom comes to see him and that he had persuaded them that she was sent to entice or divert his attention from God.

“If you don’t live with TB Joshua, there is no way you will know who he is,” the former assistant stated. We lie on the floor, on bare tiles, in the small area where we hung his towels.

On certain evenings, he will place us in the room next to his and close the door. Then, we will hear the television coming from his room. He’s going to crank up the TV’s volume to eleven. TB Joshua led us to believe that his wife was sent to seduce him constantly.

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