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The BBC has unearthed disturbing claims of sexual offenses, maltreatment, and torture from the family of late megachurch leader TB Joshua, who died in 2021 at the age of 57.

One of Joshua’s daughters, Ajoke, 27, bravely testified to the discoveries spanning nearly two decades. After years of suffering, Ajoke is currently living in hiding.

Ajoke, the first to contact the BBC with her story, has shared terrifying incidents while attending the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), her father’s church. She gives detailed accounts of her early years, filled with joy and trips to places like Dubai with her family.

But things took a wrong turn when a local journalist accused her of being TB Joshua’s illegitimate child and threatened to suspend her from school.

Following the events at the school, Ajoke was taken prisoner and brought to the Scoan compound in Lagos. There, she was forced to enroll in the Disciples, a closed-door group of believers governed by strict rules.

At the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), followers were subject to harsh regulations, such as not being allowed to sleep for prolonged periods, not having personal communication devices, and being required to refer to TB Joshua as “Daddy.” They lived in a restricted atmosphere within a large building on the church grounds.

As opposed to her fellow devotees, Ajoke disobeyed the stringent rules. She was abused from a young age because she defied customs like standing when her father entered the room and rebelled against prescribed sleep routines.

“My dad had fear, constant fear. He was very afraid that someone would speak up,” she asserts, shedding light on the culture of fear that permeated the Scoan community.

According to Ajoke, the disciples were both helpers and victims.

They appeared to have been brainwashed and unthinkingly obeyed orders, fostering an atmosphere that allowed abuse to continue unabated.

According to Ajoke, the previously close-knit society became a group of submissive people, like zombies.

The followers were both facilitators and brainwashed.

Everyone was behaving like zombies, following orders. Nothing was being questioned, according to her.

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