Rotimi Amaechi, a former minister of transport and governor of Rivers State, believes that Nigerians should receive whatever it is that they voted for in the presidential election.

During his interview on Arise TV, Mr. Amaechi stated that since voters had the chance to cast their votes correctly, they shouldn’t be complaining, especially on the status of the country’s economy.

“Nigerians get what they want, what they deserve. You can’t complain. I believe. Nigerians at all times had had opportunities to vote. Whatever you vote for is what you deserve,” he said during the weekend.

Nigerians have lamented the painful consequences of President Bola Tinubu’s economic policies, despite Mr. Amaechi—who also fiercely competed in the All Progressives Congress presidential primary—not mentioning any names.

The socioeconomic situation in Nigeria has gotten worse since Mr. Tinubu took over the government, particularly with the increase in dollar exchange rates.

Regarding the current state of the country’s economy under Mr. Tinubu, the former minister suggested that Nigerians look for chances outside and pursue greener pastures.

But he clarified that if the young people who are leaving Nigeria are prepared to use the resources available to them, there are plenty of options for them.

“I have always discouraged those who want to leave the country, I say 9-5? Yes, you can always get a 9-5 job when you leave the country, but you can never get the opportunity you get in Nigeria.

“You can just wake up one day and become a minister in Nigeria. You can just wake up one day, and you become a governor. It just happens; I don’t know how the country operates,” said the former governor.

He stated that the government alone is capable of resolving the issues, listing insecurity and a shortage of job opportunities as the main reasons why individuals are leaving the nation.

“So if you’re looking for opportunities, please stay in Nigeria,” Mr Amaechi added.

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