Bashir Dalhatu, the chairman of the board of trustees for the Arewa Consultative Forum, stated in an interview that while a northerner had ruled for the preceding eight years, the North had not been in charge. He made this statement in reaction to claims that the North was in command.

He continued by saying that because Buhari’s administration had little effect on the lives of Northerners, the North did not perceive his exit from office as a loss of authority. He argued that, in contrast to common opinion, the northern part of Nigeria would have developed the most over the preceding 20 years if the North had been in control.

Speaking further, Bashir Dalhatu told Arise TV that no Northern State in Nigeria has benefited from having a Northerner in charge for the past 20 years. He continued by saying that state governments, not the federal government, are to blame for the development of any Northern state.

According to him, “We don’t view this as loss of power; a northerner was in power in the last eight years, but the North was not in power. You cannot say we are in power; the North was not in power. I come from a village in Jigawa State, and in the last 20 years, very little has changed. Whatever changed in Jigawa was the effort of the state government and not the federal government. You can tell that there are so many towns in northern Nigeria that have not changed in any way or received federal patronage because a northerner was in power.”

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