After living in Germany for several years, Ruz Hoff, a social worker, certified child protection specialist, social empowerment advocate and coach, and speaker who was born and reared in Uganda by Rwandan-Ugandan parents, has declared that she is unable to marry an African.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Ruz Hoff asserts that she doesn’t think she would make an excellent African wife since African males have specific physical characteristics that they value in a woman.

I’ve never been curvaceous enough for an African man in my life. You know, you’re supposed to have a big, well-defined posterior, or what most people call a “Nyash.” “And then, you should have all the other curves, which I’ve never had in my life,” the woman remarked.

She adds that she finds it difficult to reconcile the inflexible beliefs of African civilizations. She asserts that men desire to be regarded as kings in both African and American cultures, citing instances in which women refer to their partners as “my king” or “my queen,” which she finds to be absurd.

“I don’t subscribe to that, but I know from the African culture where I come from and from other African people that I have interacted with, the men are seen as gods in the family. Here I am, someone who doesn’t subscribe to that belief; I believe in equal partnership,” she added.

She states that although she occasionally wants her husband to be the “king,” she does not want to be his servant or peasant.

“Unfortunately, that’s how most married women are treated in Africa, which again explains why I could never, not even for whatever reasons, marry an African man.”

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