Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule has spoken out regarding the formation of the Nomad Vigilante Group by the Fulani socio-cultural group Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore in Nigeria.

Governor Sule has flatly denied any role in the organization’s founding, even though the group invited him as a Special Guest to the outfit’s inauguration.

The Nomad Vigilante Group was officially launched on January 17, 2024, at Lafia’s City Square, with representatives from traditional security organizations in attendance, according to the ZINGTIE.

On the other hand, Sule claimed that the state government was not involved in the formation of the vigilante group while he was congratulating members of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly during their visit.

He claimed that if the government had been behind the formation of this group, a bill stating that the nation’s traditional security services were looking into the matter would have been sent to the State Assembly for consideration.

“The security agencies are already investigating the issue. We refused to be part of it because it was purely an issue of the security agencies,” the Governor stated.

Like all other vigilante organizations in the state, the Nomad Vigilante is not recognized by the state government, according to Governor Sule. She emphasized that the community policing project is the only vigilante group that is recognized by both the federal government and the state.

He said, “As far as we are concerned, there is only one vigilante group recognized by the Federal Government, which we also recognized in the state. We have recognized community policing.

“If anybody should know that the government has recognized any vigilante group, you should know more because that bill should have come to you as lawmakers, and you should be the one to pass the bill before we can do that.”

Nationwide outcry over the Nomad Vigilante Group’s formation has given rise to rumours that the DSS detained Miyetti Allah president Alhaji Abdullahi Bello Bodejo so they could question him.

However, the DSS refuted the findings, asserting that Bodejo was never under their custody.

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