Actress Destiny Etiko of Nollywood has disclosed her desire to be a white woman in her next life.

The actress revealed this when responding to a video that two Caucasian women were in, proclaiming their financial independence, that Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut had shared.

The women said they would no longer depend on men for “luxury expenses” like manicures and hairstyling and that they preferred intimate, low-key dates to flashy ones.

In response to the video, Etiko said she wishes to be a white woman in the future life and that, despite being a black Nigerian woman, she accepts favors from males when they are offered.

She disclosed that she would prefer to work “tirelessly” to accomplish her goals since she detests receiving unfavorable answers when she makes requests.

Etiko wrote: “In my next life, I will be a white girl. Cos Even as a Nigerian babe, I don’t expect anything from anyone but if it happens den it’s fine.

“Cos I hate to hear N0 for an answer when I demand for something, So I would rather work tirelessly to achieve my goals in life.

“I work for my money.”

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