According to well-known cinematographer Buari Olalekan Oluwasegun, often known as Unlimited LA, incorporating foreign cultures and nudity into Nigerian music videos aims to attract viewers.

According to him, depending on customer requests or target markets, some musicians ask directors of videos to include specific cultural elements or nudity in their music videos.

Unlimited L. stated in a recent interview with Channels Television, “Talking about it [infusion of foreign cultures and nudity in Nigerian music videos], I think Nigerians are the most travelled people. I read it somewhere.

“What we do as music video directors is to take instructions from the artists. Some artists may say they want their fans in the U.S., Europe, or Africa to relate to a particular music video. So the consumer is key. Sometimes, we [music video directors] just put everything [infuse different cultures] together and throw it out there.

“I think it’s because of Nigerians in the diaspora that make us infuse foreign cultures in our music videos. It’s not as if we don’t have our own culture. We have our own culture too. But because we are targeting a wide range of audiences, we have to infuse different cultures in music videos.”

He claimed that despite the perception that certain foreign cultures are “eroding our cultural respect, decency,” they are nonetheless incorporated into Nigerian music videos in order to appeal to consumers.

Speaking further, Unlimited L.A. acknowledged that the Nigerian cinematography business has advanced greatly, pointing out that while most Afrobeats music videos are recorded outside of Nigeria, the majority of Nigerian music videos were shot outside of the nation a few years ago.

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