Nigeria’s money is in the wrong hands, according to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, or RCCG.

Adeboye gave Nigerians hope that in 2024, the wind will blow on naira and wealth would shift hands.

Throne of Grace Parish, Ebutte Metta, RCCG Head Quarters, hosted the church’s January 2024 Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, during which he gave a speech.

According to Adeboye: “Don’t let anybody tell you money is not in this country, just that it is in the wrong hands.

“This year, wealth will change hands. The wind is going to blow on the Naira.

“Long before the end of this year, you will know that you are on the mountaintop. Some will start the year as nobody, but before the end of the year, they will be somebody.

“If you do anything you can to serve God, he will not only reposition you, he will lift you to the mountain top.”

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