Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia has denied the alleged falling out with George Akume, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

According to Alia, Akume is the father of Benue State and a source of national pride.

In honour of the SGF’s birthday, he gave a speech at a symposium held in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State.

According to Alia: “I want to unambiguously debunk the circulating rumours of discord between the SGF and myself. These speculations exist solely in the imaginative realm of opportunists, instigators of turmoil, and merchants of mischief who thrive on chaos. The said fracas is only a figment of the imagination crafted by those who seek to profit from the crisis.

“For pockets of disenchanted members of our party here in the state, we are already in talks to address various areas of discontent. However, while we try to do so, we shall ensure that the will of the masses who voted us into office, prevails.

“I therefore enjoin each and every one of us to dismiss such baseless notions and focus on the shared commitment to truth, unity, and progress that defines our collective journey.”

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