Nigerians have been encouraged by General Yakubu Gowon to give President Bola Tinubu’s administration more time to address the numerous issues facing the nation.

He said it was premature for the administration to resolve the inherited difficulties in various industries.

Gowon made this statement following a meeting with Tinubu on Wednesday in Abuja at the Presidential Villa.

“Well, I was telling him that no Nigerian leader that gets there and will not have all the reports of what is being said about him,” he remarked, speaking to the reporters.

“But certainly, there’s no doubt from what one hears and what one sees in the various media. I think the government is trying its best to deal with the various problems in the country.

“Don’t you worry, you will get criticised, but people who get there know better than you know. I think all that one can say is that Nigerians, we’ve got to give the President time to get things really done. And it is too early to say that an absolute result, the perfect result, will be achieved now.”

Gowon said that the difficulties facing the ECOWAS subregions were a major topic of conversation during their meeting with the President and that they needed to be resolved peacefully.

“Being the surviving leader, or founding fathers of the ECOWAS, I think we had to discuss some of his plans in order to see what can be done to bring the matter under control,” Gowon said.

He refuted rumours circulating on social media that he turned down an ECOWAS-organized event, saying it was most likely a misunderstanding.

“I think there was a miscommunication, but then it gave the opportunity to the President to call me so that we can discuss what I was to do,” he stated.

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