Even though many Nigerians are dissatisfied with the conditions in the country, a video showing some Igbo men applauding President Tinubu’s current administration has gone viral on the internet.

The Igbo guys claimed in the satirical video circulating on social media that they were not protesting because they appreciated the hardships the Tinubu administration was inflicting on Nigeria.

Recall that the Igbo are renowned for having supported Peter Obi, a presidential candidate for the Labour Party who lost to Tinubu during the 2023 General Elections.

The nation’s residents, particularly Yoruba and Hausa, are lamenting the Tinubu administration, saying that things are becoming intolerable due to the spike in kidnappings, rising gas prices, and higher costs for products and services as a result of the Naira to dollar exchange rate.

In the latest video, the Igbo guys are shown together protesting in a unique way, which draws attention.

This time, Igbo men were seen gathered in their area, praising the economic downturn rather than taking to the streets.

After being seen with alcoholic beverages, the Igbo men wrote songs to honour the nation’s recent progress.

They continued by stating that Tinubu must serve as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for eight years. Afterwards, they grinned broadly and recited a line from Tinubu’s well-known song, “On your mandate, we shall stand.”

Another video of Igbo men gathering and drinking at a pub to express their protests also made the rounds online.

See reactions below;

damidolly: If you love Igbo people, gather here .

iamsexysteel: Sarcasm at its best…..pls BEER with them .

dayoogedengbe: I’m not Igbo, I’m Yoruba but I’m OBEDIENT. We are not joining any protest, infact in 2027, we will vote Tinubu again, he must continue what he started. Una never see anything, we warned you people.

wealthyprince__: If you’re proud igbo man and woman gather here let’s celebrate the mandate .

humble_pee: Nothing concern igbo man if dollar rise na to increase their goods price .

sabitalk1: May God bless Tinubu oh, Peter Obi supporters like this comment .

godwin_nnadiekwe: You just gotta love this tribe. They can never beg for food. Never for one day depended on the government and it’s poor policies. I’m sure they are saying Tinubu raise am, raise am, raise am.

Watch the video below

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