Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize and reject the call for protest by a well-known Northern group against President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Arewa Twiter Connect called for a nationwide demonstration against the “rising cost of living and bad governance” in the late hours of Thursday on its verified X handle.

“The North, South, and East should all come together and protest against rising costs of living and bad governance. Enough is enough!” the statement on X reads.

In response to the post, which sparked outrage among Nigerians, many people criticized the North for asking for a protest while staying silent under former president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

An X user going by the name Ayemorjuba responded to the plea from the Arewa community by saying, “It’s unpatriotic of you to advocate for any protest when the current government has only been in power for 8 months. Any attempts to do so will face resistance from the South, East, and West, whom you’ve excluded.”

For IK Ugwueze, he said, “I guess you all have suddenly found your lost voices because your messiah is no longer in power. We have 3 years and 4 months to go; no demonstation will be tolerated.”

Queen Bee, questioned the North for their silence during Buhari’s administration when she said, “Protest because of what? Why didn’t you call for demonstration during Buhari’s disastrous eight years?

“Now that it is the turn of the South, you suddenly remembered protest. That’ll not work. The South will complete their 12 years, including Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure. After that, we can protest.”

For Ugochukwu, he noted that “Buhari did 8 years, and the North did not demonstrate and you guys want to protest now?? We will not join you, people.”

While James Agwu opined that “we (the East) are not doing any protest with you; go and do your protest in peace,”  Debby urged the North to “enjoy the hardship you voted for.”

For Onome, she berated the North for failing to demonstrate during the Buhari’s admission. Noting that calling for a demonstration now shows double standards.

She noted that Tinubu should be allowed to govern without distractions from the North.

“You didn’t protest when your ancestor @MBuhari was in power; if it was haram to protest then, why is it no longer haram now that our southern ancestor @officialABAT is in power?

“There’ll be no protest, and @officialABAT must complete his 8 years,” she said.

Kristiana Albert stated, “I didn’t see the North protest during Buhari’s time, not one single one.

“Now it’s a Southerner, and y’all all of a sudden remember protests? Nah, we don’t do that here.”

“You guys didn’t protest when Buhari was in power? Why do you want to do that now? What’s different? Besides, you guys voted for your messiah; please enjoy your breakfast!” Murphy Agbogidi said.

Adele Onisuru noted that despite the “corruption” perpetrated by the embattled ex-CBN governor Godwin Emefiele and the Buhari-led administration, the North did not “call for his (Buhari’s) head.

“For a protest under the government of 10 months??

“Baba Buhari spent eight consecutive years without any protest from the Arewa.

“So everything was fine under Buhari, right? After all the news you heard about the way Emefiele under Buhari did, have you called for his head?”

Recalling the refusal of the North to join the #EndSARS demonstration, Ignatius Uzus noted that “protest is haram, and most importantly, don’t involve the East and South. You didn’t join during #EndSARS 

. Now go do yours alone.”

Oluwa Bu Eze, opined, “You did not start that when Buhari was in power.

“You didn’t go and throw stones at Buhari’s home; now, your elites are doing everything to blame Tinubu instead of blaming the APC for corruption and misappropriation of Nigeria’s commonwealth.”

He urged the North to “start by throwing stones at Buhari’s home.”

“Even during  #EndSARS 

, you cared less; please, everybody should fight for themselves, because one Nigeria can’t happen with this kind of mindset the northern youths and elites have. Question your leaders and make sure you get answers,” Oluwa Bu Eze added.

In his reaction, Dr. Smarticon noted, “Last I checked, you were happy with your choice of candidate in the last election.

“Besides, the government is barely a few months old, and the VP is yours.

“I enjoin you to desist from statements that could be inflammatory, suppurative, and necrotic.”

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